Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stumptown Comics Fest - The Best!

Last weekend I accomplished one of my life goals. It's a nerdy and ridiculous life goal but, hey, it's accomplished: I sold my work at a comics convention. Kevin, Nate, Alex Buck and I teamed up for a Snow Leopard Comics table at Stumptown Comics Fest and watched the crowds go by all weekend. It was a good time and it's funny to be in a room with several dozen artists I admire, all in the same boat of trying to hawk our art to stolid convention-goers.

The problem with Stumptown Comics Fest is that it's in the basement of the Doubletree Hotel which is, as you would suspect, drab to the extreme. Long rows of tables under florescent light become overwhelming after only a few minutes, so we tried to liven up our table space with some fabricated vegan bacon and a whole breakfast ensemble. Some guy on Flickr liked our table so much he took a photo of it.

Next year the plan is: no table at all. Just sofas. And maybe real bacon.

My favorite part of the weekend was actually when the convention ended and we emerged from the basement. After months of rain, Portland was sunny and blooming and we headed back to the Dude Ranch for a backyard bbq. We spread all our newly acquired comics and zines on the grass like Halloween candy to be shared.