Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dan's Dad Sends Another Bug

A life was lost this week at the Dude Ranch. Let us mourn.
The saga began when a second box arrived in the mail last week from Dan's dad in Idaho. The last box he mailed contained one live Jerusalem cricket and the box before that held a poisonous spider. Thus, Dan we coy about opening this parcel. He waited for days, biding his time until we could all watch him open it. Finally, late at night, most of the vast number of people who occupy our home and sofas at various times were on the back porch sofas, enjoying the summer evening with some conversation. The perfect time to open the dangerous box! Dan decided, seizing a knife and hunching over the cardboard container.

With much fanfare, he sliced open the packing tape. The box contained one dead beetle. In our fear, we had waited too long. 

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