Monday, August 18, 2008


Man, it's almost my birthday. That means I'm almost 22 and I haven't done anything yet but graduate from college and make some good friends and write some stuff. I remember watching the Olympics when I was 13 -- the same age as most of the tiny sequined gymnasts -- and thinking, "Wow! I could have done THAT by now?!"

I still haven't done THAT but, you know, I've been having a good time. So let's continue this 22 year-long unproductive streak and waste another night together, okay?

Wednesday Night 08.20.2008

Party starts at the Dude Ranch, then goes and goes. These images are clues as to what we'll be doing:

Bring your bike.

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jill c. said...

damn sarah, i wish i could have been there for your birthday. ill send you a birthday bob marley postcard from the road. so..Happy Birthday, a bit belated.