Monday, November 24, 2008


I've only just noticed that November is here and apparently it is already almost over. This is the problem with moving between milestones (Halloween! Election! Thanksgiving!) - I forget which month we're actually in while I'm measuring the days via countdown.

Anyway, November is here and it is cold. Did I tell you we weatherized the house during one of the last hot days of 2008, way back when the sun set at dinner time rather than after lunch? We cut out big sheets of plastic and, all together now, adhered them to our large windows so that now the interior of our kitchen nook resembles a shoddily-made space shuttle.

But it's warmer, sitting here, than it was last year ago this time. The campaign to keep us all from retreating into our rooms during winter - casting aside friendship for a long-term relationship with our respective space heaters - that campaign is going well. We've been talking and cooking. There's lots to talk about and lots to cook because Nate and Jill don't eat sugar anymore and most of us don't have jobs.

Everyone is in transition. Rather than being a month of tradition, November has turned into a month of flux. Here's the status report, as of 11:52PM. I'm sure it will be different by morning.

During November, Cole quit his job and willfully dropped out of music grad school, searching for something more relevant and proactive.
Dan: During November, Dan quit his job half way, then rethought in the face of the epic financial crisis and quit his job the whole way. He's now working on a new internet-based "consulting" venture but I don't understand what it is because part of his "marketing strategy" is being cryptic.
Me: I'm still not making any money. Hopefully this will soon transition into me making lots of money.
Jill: Jill turned 28 and has been making lots of cool art. She's seriously thinking about going to grad school, maybe to teach visually impaired people braille.
Nate: THIS IS BIG, GUYS! NATE'S HAD SUCH A HUGE TRANSITION! It's probably such a big deal that he'll want to post about it himself. Forget I said anything.

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