Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Nate's brother Adam has been sleeping on our sofa again and he's attracting all kinds of weirdos. Tonight a thickly-bearded guy named Will showed up in our kitchen, slammed down a foot-long box of Magic cards and launched into a high-speed conversation about veggie oil-diesel conversion.

They moved into the living room and Jill and I don't know what to do but sit on the sofa and eavesdrop and giggle.

"If they put algae farms all over Mexico it would supply the entire U.S.!" Will shouts, taking a breath and continuing, "You guys know about that guy who thinks funguses are the answer? Like Timothy Leary with LSD but not LSD - all funguses!"

Jill shakes her head. Then she checks the pedometer she recently attached to her waist.
6,742 steps. "Damn it!" she shouts at Nate, whose own waist pedometer reads 7,306 steps, "You're like a thousand steps ahead of me!" Those two are in a competition to see who walks more in a day.

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matt said...

your house amazes me