Friday, January 16, 2009

Estranged Ranchers...
those of us remaining miss you, and the new ranchers will learn to do so as well.
life back at the ranch has been humble.
aside from the usual things like drug trafficking and housing terrorists,
life has moved at the pace of January.
in the lull, i (nate) decided to apply for a Norwegeian Reality Television show.
here is my "no longer than 5 minutes Video Application"
its awkward at times but hell, so am i.
Sarah is in Brittan.... Great Brittan.... England... anyway, she is putting brittish December to good use.
Cole just called from D.C... Washington DC!
Dan has to be in Chile by now (not putting Brittish December to good use, but then again he was never that into it anyway.).
pete moved out yesterday but he is still here.
Looks like the Chatty-Roundy-Rounds haven't stopped anyone from doing what they want to do.
the new roomates are cleaner than we were.
thats important to somebody.
In 4 days jill and i leave for Hawaii (pronouced.... nevermind...
and the house will have completed its chrysalis and emerge as....
we shall all see.
word from the hightest peaks and the widest oceans
holla' from the deepest holes and the tallest sky scrappers
I'm throwing my right-hand up for a sweet international "dude-five" right now
i hope you'll all do the same.
portland is a little more lonely without yall.


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s.mirk said...

nate that is so great! I hope they don't pick you because then you'll have to leave the Dude Ranch reality show and we'll all go crazy and tear eachother apart, having become zombies without you, our lifeblood, nate.