Sunday, June 8, 2008

today we make a pancake cake

David Cook sleeps in our basement now and washes our dishes. His friend Ian came up with a brilliant idea eons ago. "We should make a CAKE out of PANCAKES!" he said on Friday night, when we were downtown eating milkshakes and french fries at the Stepping Stone.

So today we woke up early (11?) and while Cole futzed through some Bach fugues, David and I (Ian was late) whipped together blueberries, mango, butter, flour, sugar and oil and things. We cooked the pancakes in our big cast iron frying pan - each pancake as large as a the pan! The frosting took some experimentation. We tried corn starch + maple syrup and flour + maple syrup but both were too starchy. Then! A stroke of genius! cream cheese + maple syrup and away we went.

We wound up having to flip the fat pan-sized cakes with our bare hands and piled them five high. Frosting, decoration with blueberries and a giant knife later, we were in the back yard, cutting in. "How's it taste?" Ian asked David as he ate the first bite. "Like pancakes," David replied happily. "Oh!" exclaimed Ian enthusiastically, "That's exactly how I imagined they would!"


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