Thursday, February 19, 2009

More fun than a barrel full of veggie oil or adventures to Mexico

More fun than a barrel full of veggie oil or adventures to Mexico

So Adam and Ayal have been prepping for their trip and we expect their friend Brennan in today from Guatemala as well as Seeder who should be coming in the next few days. We have had a few couch surfers.

Sarah had some friends up from her home town and we had a couch surfer named Beth from Chicago who I took a bunch of bike rides with.

We have two girls who are biking through Oregon from Colorado who are crashing tonight and then nobody for a week or so except for Adam and Ayals friends.

In other news Nate and Jill will be back this Friday from Hawaii so we will be excited to hear about all their adventures. I'm sure they didn't want to leave the tropics for Oregon weather but we're definitely glad to have them back.

Shawns still rocking out at the house and still making sweet cardboard figures were happy to have him around.

Annie the artist in residence has also been around more and we've enjoyed her presence and checking out the work she's been making. We've cooked dinner together a couple of times and I dig collaborating with her on yummy food. Last night we were the only ones who stayed up to watch all of license to drive.

Which I actually enjoyed what I didn't enjoy was another movie I saw this week Wendy and Lucy if you really want to see it go ahead maybe you'll get something out of it I missed. Otherwise I'd at least wait for it to come on net flix.

Ok that's enough free association for now. It's been good times Bike Chariot races, cardboard heart projects, cake parties, the crazy transition team is all over the place but we're all doing well. I have included some of the barrel painting that took place the other day. Hope you enjoy.

Peace, Sam


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