Monday, March 2, 2009

Pancake Lodge Victory

So many of us at the DR participated in the making of the pancake clubhouse hole at this years minigolf event at the halocene. The hole won hole I'd most like to take home with me. But i guess one lady there thought that included dan so I can't speak to what these people were actually voting for. But hooray to the PCC and thanks to everyone who helped out.

We've had a few couch surfers come through chelsea and goldie who were on a bike trip down the west coast.

Sam who did yoga with me this morning and is likely taking kids backpacking in africa soon.

Liz who is here right now and will be attending PCC very soon and many more to come.

Dan should be returning shortly as well as adam and ayal. So we will have a full house for a few days unfortunately lacking the olsen twins AND brother joey he was so funny.

The weather has been nice as well.

No movie night this week instead we are encouraging people to go to backspace for a Sarah Mirk/mercury related brewhaha event. be there at 7pm

Next week movie night returns with 1990 and either Teenage mUtant ninja turtles or Edward scissor hands. Thoughts?

enjoy the pics. Peace, Sam

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