Sunday, March 15, 2009

Urban Iditarod

Nate figured out how to use text messaging last week and immediately sent all his friends one text "urban iditarod!!!" When his friends, understandably, responded with some incarnation of "WTF?" Nate replied "Saterday!"

Yesterday, this long-awaited Saterday arrived. We woke up early-ish and prepared our costumes. The Urban Iditarod is an annual event in which hundreds of people deck out shopping carts and race them in teams between Portland bars. Because Nate has a penguin costume, we went as Antarcti-cart. I was an explorer trapped in ice. Jill was a sea lion. Dan was a mad scientist. It was a really great time, until it started raining. Then it was a really wet time.

1 comment:

annie said...

man, i think i saw you guys racing down the bridge. what an incredible scene. too bad i was on my way to oakland or i would have been in the damn cart. next time? hello to all at the dr, miss the hell out of you, see ya this weekend. ake