Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gettin' Creamed

This week we all learned some important lessons.

Number one important lesson: Cream cheese makes anything taste better! Even chocolate chip cookies!

Our refrigerator is now occupied by exclusively cream cheese, someone’s forgotten case of PBR and – honest to god – 15 pounds of carrots. Cole and Nate juice carrots like nutritional fiends, they tear through a 5-pound bag in a day or two. The juicer runs nightly and everywhere around the house are glass jars lined with the unmistakable orange crust of once-wonderful liquid carrot.

Also, look what happens when you try to take Nate to a “high art” event at the TBA Festival! All he wants to look at are the penis clouds! :

And listen to what happens when I take myself to an art event and then decide to interview everyone present: I get so excited by asking questions that I forget to breathe between words.


- said...

nate looks really...hip...its..weird.

but, i cant wait to come home and be a part of the spreadable cheese party, and drink carrot juice, and hang out in the kitchen for hours.

10 more days!

s.mirk said...

it's the hat. That's Nate's new "cool hat." He got it from Dan.