Monday, September 1, 2008

A Trip to the Fair

Sometimes working as a reporter means I get paid to do things I don't want to do. Like distribute condoms at the state fair.

Our new friend Arthur and I drove down to Salem Sunday evening to do just this. The fair's slogan is "Too big to miss!" so I didn't print off directions. This slogan proved to be sadly misleading. On the outskirts of the wrong side of Salem, we finally stopped at a 24 hours donut store to ask where to go. The kid working the counter made some vague gestures toward the appropriate street and then told us, placing two rainbow-sprinkle donut holes in a bag, "Everyone's saying there was a fight at the fair yesterday."

My expectations increased dramatically.

The state fair turned out to be full of surprises. Number one surprise: sunset makes the gaudy flashes of the food booths beautiful.

Only at the state fair can you watch a video of a horse giving birth in such convenient proximity to Oregon's largest potato.

We held yellow, nearly weightless baby chicks in pen morbidly sponsored by the Oregon Chicken Fryers Association. We met a beekeeper and watched the queen bee lay an egg.
We took a long time surveying the winners of the decorated cakes category while making up our minds on which one to cast our own votes for.

(can you guess which one of these was my choice?)

Oregon: famous for its edible beavers.

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Emily said...

oh man. i can't believe you went to the state fair. lucky. i tried so hard to go but no one wanted to accompany me. maybe next year i can hand out condoms and lube too?