Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How David Wins

Remember that time during the summer when David was moping around feeling unproductive and Dan challenged him to complete a do-or-die art project: design 50 posters and put them up around Alberta before the end of the week or Dan would handcuff him to a bike rack downtown with a sign reading "Justice to Bike Thieves"?

David accomplished the task in a hilariously characteristic way. Half of the posters were white sheets of paper stapled to light poles with 50 staples in straight rows. No drawn images, no text, just staples on white paper. Thanks, David.

Then David flew back to Chicago and in his absence the posters have changed in a way no one saw coming. The staples have rusted in the Portland rain and now long brown streaks emanate from each mark. They look beautiful and old and draw attention to the deep brown of the light poles.

The sign on 33rd and Alberta attracted a tagger:

We noticed how the posters had changed while walking to New Seasons one afternoon. "Damn it," said Dan, admiring the rust, "David wins again!"

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