Monday, September 22, 2008

When Laundry is a Newsworthy Event

Here's a quick fact about Nate:

Despite living at our house for 3 months, he had only gone to the laundromat once. UNTIL YESTERDAY! Yes, Sunday was the essential but rare event: laundry day! Everyone hates laundry day! The machines at Alberta Wash House cost $1.75 and scrounging up 7 quarters would be a pain even if the machines didn't occassionally lash out in random acts of disrespect, leaving your clothes soggy or covered with new mysterious stains.

But anyway, laundry day! We piled up Dan's bike trailer with our small mountain of dirty clothes. Please note our hilarious last-clean-item laundry day outfits. Dan dressed in Halloween garb, Nate wore that blue sweater and I'm all fancy in a black dress.

collective laundry costs for month of September: $10.25


Kori the tomorrow lady said...

you guys are soooo hot.

aimee said...

y'all should go to that place on MLK and Stanton. It's much nicer (and cheaper $1.25/$.25 to dry).